Arch Linux 32 bit PAE kernel

unofficial pacman repository

Please note that according to Linus Torvalds "PAE really really sucks (...) It was a mistake (...) a total failure, and the result of hw engineers not understanding software".


Add to /etc/pacman.conf

# 3.x
SigLevel = PackageRequired
Server =

For the old 2.6 kernel version:

# 2.6.39
Server =


# pacman -Sy

Say YES to import my PGP public key ignoring the "corrupted database" messages and then:

# pacman-key --lsign-key BADC156D
# pacman -S linux-pae

That's pretty much it as far as installation goes. Now configure your preferred boot manager (on your own).

If you compile modules (for VirtualBox and such), install the '-headers' package:

# pacman -S linux-pae-headers

There's also a '-docs' package if needed:

# pacman -S linux-pae-docs

For kernel 2.6, the package names to install are:

# pacman -S kernel26-pae kernel26-pae-headers


To resolve signature problems during installation or upgrade,

error: linux-pae: signature from "Tom Wizetek <>" is unknown trust

try updating my key:

# pacman-key --refresh-keys BADC156D

2011-05-15 Provided by Tom Wizetek. Hosting courtesy of Dusty Phillips.